Submission and review policy

Submission page of the research and competition track:

Please follow the evaluation guidline to perform your experiments.

Notebook Paper:
The participants to the challenge are required to provide a brief notebook paper to explain their experimental setup. The intention of the notebook paper is to describe the method which was used for achieving the results submitted to the challenge. It will be used for summarization and categorization of the submissions by the challenge organizers.

The notebook papers will be hosted and shared on the challenge website (upon authors' approval) and can be cited so the authors receive citations for their submission. The notebook papers should be prepared according to the CVPR 2015 formatting instructions. Besides the top performers who will make oral presentations, the other participants can present their approach on a poster in the workshop session as well.

The notebook paper is due three days after the challenge submission (i.e., 06/03/2015). The authors should upload their notebook paper as the supplementary material of their submission to the competition in the CMT website.

If you want to cite the THUMOS challenge or made use of the data and resources shared for the competition, e.g. extracted low-level features or the attribute lexicon, please use the following reference:

   author = "Gorban, A. and Idrees, H. and Jiang, Y.-G. and Roshan Zamir, A. and Laptev,
   I. and Shah, M. and Sukthankar, R.",
   title = "{THUMOS} Challenge: Action Recognition with a Large
   Number of Classes",
   howpublished = "\url{}",
   Year = {2015}}

UCF101 Dataset can be cited as:

   author = {Soomro, K. and Roshan Zamir, A. and Shah, M.},
   booktitle = {CRCV-TR-12-01},
   title = {{UCF101}: A Dataset of 101 Human Actions Classes From
   Videos in The Wild},
   year = {2012}}

Description of the evaluation setup: PDF

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Important Dates

  • Test Data Release: May 1, 2015
  • Submission Deadline: May 30, 2015
  • Notebook Papers Due: June 3, 2015
  • Publication date: As per conference schedule
  • Workshop / Results Announcement: June 11, 2015

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